Is Angular 8 a Good Framework for Mobile Application Development?

AngularJS development services have been around for a while now and you would already be knowing of the multitude of benefits it offers. With Google at the helm, the Angular framework continues to evolve. One of the latest versions, Angular 8 continues to score on the performance and stability front.

That simply means you can create even better, attractive, and utilitarian mobile applications. It is also an ideal framework to create classy single page applications (SPAs).

Let’s take a look at how Angular 8 fits the bill for developing feature-rich mobile applications.

How Angular 8 Fits the Bill for Mobile Apps

Angular 8 offers a lot of versatility when it comes to mobile app development. Developers can take several approaches and use multiple features of the framework to create applications that deliver smooth user experience.

Ease of use

You can easily understand codes and maintain them in Angular 8. It is a more advanced technology as compared to the previous frameworks. Clients also get several added advantages like not having to rely on the developer each time. If there is a change needed at the backend, clients can do it themselves, depending on the issue.


Developers get a free hand at coding as there are several customization options. They can maintain a library during the development stage and make several modifications to the source code.

Pre-defined solutions

Angular 8 offers several customized solutions that exist in the libraries. You can use these solutions for UI routing or any other related actions. Users also get access to other existing module practices.

Easy testing

Testing mobile apps is often an elaborate process, and there can be several delays due to bugs. Angular makes the testing process a lot easier. Developers do not have to troubleshoot the app from the beginning, and they can still get comprehensive results. With A/B testing, you can understand what design best suits your needs. Developers also get to experiment with various app components seamlessly.

Code reusability

Angular 8 does not require developers to write lengthy codes. Since there are fewer codes involved, developers can work productively. They can also write data models and control the data flow with the help of various filters. There is no need to change any controllers.

According to the NG-Conf 2019, the Angular developer community grew by more than 50 percent in8 a year from 2018.

Examples of Mobile Apps Developed with Angular

Here are some examples of top businesses that used AngularJS web development services for delivering the best user experiences.


JetBlue is a budget American airline that ranks among the top ten carriers in terms of passenger count. They carried more than 42 million passengers in 2019, making their website and app a high-traffic space. It necessitates the need for a sturdy framework that presents a rich interface to visitors. Angular makes it possible as users can explore various destinations, book tickets, use the flight tracker, and view road maps.

Travel and transportation apps need dynamic features that are available in Angular. Searching for various flights need to be seamless, and so does the booking procedure. JetBlue also has an integration of third-party services for accommodation and auto rentals. The Angular developers at JetBlue make sure they leave no stone unturned to provide the best user experience.


What is a better place to hire a freelancer than Upwork? This freelance marketplace has evolved significantly to position itself as a leading freelancing platform worldwide. Businesses can find on-demand talent at any time for any task. Similarly, freelancers can find several part-time and full-time opportunities around the world.

Upwork is an Angular application that offers an intuitive design and excellent functionality. With the meteoric rise of freelancing as a suitable career option, the number of freelancers registered on the platform has increased by much. It is an ideal scenario for a framework like Angular that supports a heavy user base.

The Upwork platform offers seamless navigation across available jobs, dashboard, payments page, and messages. There is a high webpage performance similar to most other websites developed with the Angular framework.

It is the leading weather portal that offers local and national forecasts, weather radar, and related reports. There are more than a hundred million visitors per month, making it one of the top-visited websites. It is an ideal example of how the Angular framework provides a platform that can handle several visitors. There is a lot of factual information, entertainment content, and related news stories.

There are separate directories where Angular modules lie. This makes it possible for developers to work independently on various sections of the website. The application integrates multiple maps, offers real-time broadcasting of information, and high-definition videos from aerials. When combined with intuitive design, the application becomes user-friendly.


Most popular social media apps have Angular as the framework. LinkedIn is one of those popular apps. There are millions of users worldwide who use the platform to find jobs and share their experiences. The number of users has increased by much in recent times. It is due to the increased number of freelancers and job seekers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

There is a large volume of data on the application. The application also requires data updates in real-time. All of this becomes possible with the help of Angular and its rich features.

The mobile app development market is likely to grow at a CARG of 14% and may touch USD 100 Billion by 2022. Angular will play a major role in it.

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